Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - Up North


On house Lanark’s commission, they travel to a small town and deal with their problems.

The Birthing Grounds

The goals of this adventure are:

  1. First part is to kill the goblins. I was able to use an introductory adventure I made for Christine for most of this.
  2. As they explore, they discover this is part of the elven female kidnapping issue. Someone is breeding the elves with a demon to create Demonfey.
  3. A preview of the Banewarrens. Part of the complex is Nethernese (I have the Nethernese creating the Banewarrens). The same key that is used to access the Demon’s chamber also opens the doors in the Banewarrens. The PCs get a quick glimpse of Navanna Draga (Vladaam in the Banewarrens material) in her nature form (I used a succubus fig due to the wings and such – I have made House Draga be Demonfey).

Result: They rescue the girls and kill the goblins. There are 3 pregnant elves, one ready to give birth (gestation period is one month). They get here back to Everlund, where a nasty beast erupts from her womb (a “failure” from House Draga’s point of view). Use the Chaos creature fig to great effect.

The Ettin’s Riddle

The PCs are not done with Newkeep, as an ettin is raiding the area. I used The Ettin’s Riddle free module of the same name. Basically, the ettin is a cleric of justice that has been turned into an Ettin. Since he went overboard a few times on administering his justice (slipping more to the vengeance side of things), his god would not let him pray for the spell that would free him from this form. There was a riddle that he had to understand (with the PC’s help) in order to be realize the error of his ways.

The goals of this adventure are:

  1. Change of pace – a problem-solving adventure (riddle)
  2. More role-playing. Needed to interact with the town and the ettin to figure out what is going on.

Overall, this worked well. The players were quick to understand what was going on. One of the players complemented the change of pace.

An interesting point of view by the players – they are unsure of House Lanark’s intention. The cleric/ettin had been sent by House Lanark up to Newkeep several years before to deal with an evil wizard that resided in the keep that was over the Birthing Grounds complex. The players think the house is up to something. In reality, they are just a trading family that protects its interests and did not know of the other complex.


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