Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - Up North


The PCs are part of a large caravan. Trolls attack (the caravan handles). Goblins snatch female elves for some nefarious scheme. The PCs kill the goblins and rescue some of the elves.

The goals of this adventure are:

  1. Quick action — get the group in a battle to start the flow of the campaign.
  2. Start the tenuous links between House Darga and the Chalarstaukh (the goblins). They will also be seen again in the next adventure.Very astude players may notice that a patrol was recently through here. In reality, they ordered off the trolls and goblins to attack.
  3. Illustrate how dangerous the Silver Marches can be. Show off Trolls and Wizards — this needs to be descriptive. Just need to make an isolated battle for the PCs to endure.
  4. Get the PCs in good with family Lanark. Part of the encounter will be them saving a Lanark family friend (elf).

Result: It went well, and the party has a bit of a mystery hanging in the air (why did the goblins want elven females?).


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